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Read my info first so that you know what you're getting into. Lol!

I don't usually update this thing unless it's the occasional "I-want-to-remember-this-day" or update posts.

I usually f-lock my fanarts because it's mostly explicit.

Most of the time, I'd be the first one to friend an LJ.
But if you want to friend me, go ahead,. But be warned that I don't usually update or respond but I'll try my best to do so. ^__^


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Election season is finally over!
It's my first time voting. Sadly, none of my choices won.
Meh, oh well,
I just hope that the hate in social media eventually subsides. I don't even want to open my fb anymore.


Ok so not yet..

I still have this Taiwan trip on Friday which is meh.
But I'm totally excited to go to Japan this April!!

AND I'm gonna be staying in Ikebukuro! Beside Otome Road. *heaven*

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, and I finally accepted that I will be closing one chapter of my life.

The store didn't work out sadly, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything from the experience. I learned that some people/companies really have no morals whatsoever and no sense of professionalism. And one shouldn't try to make sense of people like those.

I know that one shouldn't quit so easily, but in this case, I should've quit earlier and prevented a lot of loss.


But again, I have to put that behind me...
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Shopaholic Mode!!

I can't seem to stop shopping!
Just these past weeks, I bought:

1 Mac LS
1 Dress from Debenhaums
2 Sleeveless Tees in Terranova
1 Yosy Samra Flats

I don't think I can stop until I get on that cruise and spend all my money!! >__<;;

Happy New Year

I just ended the year watching Arafes concert DVD. Just when the clock stroke 12, they were singing Love So Sweet complete with fireworks!!

I hope 2013 will be a better year. :))


OMG! I'm so fangirling Ohno Satoshi right now! <3

I can't believe that I followed (stalked) them JUST last year! XD
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Watched an Avril Concert last Wednesday. Felt that the stadium was going to collapse from the shouting of "We want more!" during the encore break.
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